Apple on Intention, Design, Quality and Value

Watching the live video stream from Apple’s Fall 2013 event today, I was inspired by Tim Cook’s opening. He played a video that was first aired at the company’s developer conference back in June. The video is embedded below, or available on YouTube.


The challenge Apple faces — really it is self-imposed by their own internal culture — is to design the best. Of course that involves lots of tradeoffs between size and functionality, cost and convenience, etc.

The question that one is automatically left with at the end of that video is, “Great, but will people pay for that?”

In response, Tim then switches gear to the iPhone 5C/5S launch. The event was the most successful iPhone launch to date, with over 9-million sold in the first weekend. A video is played showing the jubilant customers that waited in massive lines at stores around the world.

What’s the Point?

Apple is the number company in the world based on a variety of metrics. They occupy that position through intention, combining good design and exceptional quality while delivering first-class products that demonstrate value.

The lesson there should be obvious.


Image courtesy sabin paul croce