Conch Republic Goes Green! Key West now requires 3rd party green building certification

According to Stuart Kaplow of Green Building Law Update, the City Commission of Key West, Florida now requires third party green building certification for all new residential projects.

Acceptable standards:

In Key West, residential development is strictly limited to correspond to the evacuation capacity of the over-water highway in the event of a hurricane. Ordinance 13-19 (PDF) is an update responding to the region’s unique environmental and civic needs. Specifically, this ordinance seeks to address rising sea levels and the need for potable water.

Kaplow has more:

All new residential units, including additions to existing structures “constituting more than 50% of the value of the building” must be 1.5 feet freeboard, have a rainwater catchment system for the new roof area, and obtain a minimum green building certification.
And even building renovations that will not trigger the new green building thresholds, must still demonstrate water and energy use at least 15% below the Florida Building Code standards.

It is clear that Key West has embraced sustainability, including mandating green building.

Via Green Building Law Update

This home will likely be “grandfathered” in, so to speak: