Mental Health professionals now going where their clients are: remote, mobile and online

Wired recently featured a small blurb about a new startup called TalkSession. The company describes itself as follows:

TalkSession is a growing online network of leading mental health professionals. We are building advanced web-based and mobile tools to make mental healthcare universally affordable, acceptable and accessible for everyone.

What if you could get expert guidance or a professional reality check from the comfort of your own home?

…Or, what if talking to a therapist were easier, more accessible, and more acceptable?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in such a tightly regulated industry as mental health. How insurance responds to this company should be interesting as well — not just health insurance coverage for care provided, but also for professional liability coverage for the professional staff.

What’s the Point?

Regardless of professional standards of care and insurance/liability issues, this company is doing something that I think is worth highlighting:

They are directly addressing their clients’ biggest needs and concerns.

With every type of professional service, there are going to be points of friction that make it more difficult for prospective clients to connect with the appropriate service provider. Removing these obstacles is mutually beneficial and just makes good sense. Don’t you want to make it as easy as possible to get paid?

The entire health industry is undergoing a massive upset in the U.S., including the mental health segment. Companies like TalkSession that are willing to take risks, putting clients’ needs first and removing barriers to access have the best chance of not just surviving, but thriving.

What’s your industry look like?