Mainstream adoption of green building standards by building code officials

Sean Lintow, Sr. of SLS Construction & Building Solutions has an awesome guest post on the future of building codes and green building standards up at Christopher Hill’s always excellent Construction Law Musings. In his article, Sean highlights a few of the leading standards for residential construction:

While many programs have sprung up from this, by far two of the biggest are LEED & ENERGY STAR. As we know they were conceived as a means for builders to build better buildings & they started off with simple roots. As the conversation started to grow & changes started coming about (mainly due to building codes) they had to adopt or be deemed irrelevant.

One of the most interesting statements I recall is one of the founders of LEED saying they looked forward to the day when they might be able to close the doors as the codes & builders simply built “green”. So this begs the question, with all the recent code changes & many more coming (like the 2015 codes requiring a HERS score of 51-55 for residential), where do many of the programs stand & are some of them about to become irrelevant?

Via Construction Law Musings