What is the value of independent third-party owner representation?

My father, Steve Hill, has been working in the construction industry for over 40 years. Some of my earliest memories as a child involve sitting in his lap on a Ditch Witch digging trenches for foundations, or the sweet intoxicating smell of lacquer (might explain a lot about me…) wafting in from our garage temporarily serving as a custom cabinet-shop during one of his famous one-week kitchen remodel jobs. Together, we are collaborating on a construction consulting venture known as mending wall (sg), offering a variety of solutions to property owners and investors, as well as developers, contractors, design professionals and lenders.

In a recent article for the mending wall (sg) blog, my father offered his personal take on what the value is in retaining the services of an independent third-party construction consultant. Here is an excerpt:

I was a custom builder and remodeler from 1977 until 1993, almost 16 years in a small town (Hemet). Quality management was simple: If you didn’t do excellent work and exceed your customer’s expectations, you didn’t get your next job. I never advertised and all my business came from word of mouth…

The point is that the small town atmosphere forced contractors to be honest and provide excellent quality if they were interested in sticking around. Since I had six kids and my wife worked for the school district, leaving town back then was not an option. Life is not that simple today…

Construction consultants usually save the homeowner or property owner at least the amount of their fee during the course of the construction project. When things go wrong, their fee becomes the cheapest cost on the whole project.

Link: The Value of an Independent Third-Party Construction Consultant

Here are some of the solutions that mending wall (sg) has to offer: