This just in: Chesapeake Bay Foundation lawsuit over defective “green” building will go forward

Last September, I shared an in-depth case study on the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Phillip Merrill Center called, The LEED Platinum Case Study Nobody Wants You To Read. Summary: One of the world’s greenest buildings according to the USGBC was constructed with improperly sealed engineered wood components, leading to water intrusion that compromised the structural integrity of the building.

Unfortunately for the non-profit organization, after settling claims with the contractor and others, their lawsuit against Weyerhauser, the manufacturer of the Parallam products in question, was thrown out because the applicable statute of limitations had expired. The organization’s claim demanded over $6-million to cover the estimated cost of repairs. The building’s original cost of construction was around $7-million.

The lawsuit has gone forward, and is now over, according to Green Building Law Update.