Make sure to cast your vote for Best Construction Blog at Construction Marketing Ideas

No, this is not a shameless plug to get people to vote for me, as I opted to not enter my blog in this year’s competition. With a binding arbitration fast approaching, I knew that I wouldn’t have enough time to post here regularly, so I decided to hold off. But in 2015, hopefully I’ll get my shot… [Ed.]

Each year for the past several years, Mark Buckshon holds a competition for the Best Construction Blog at his website, Construction Marketing Ideas. Over the years, many more blogs have been added to the competition, and this year there are over 40, I think – but I lost count.

While there are a lot of really good blogs in this year’s competition and many by people I respect and consider as friends, my vote goes to Chris Hill’s Construction Law Musings. In introducing the blog for the competition, Buckshon was kind enough to mention

He achieves these results through a reliable schedule, and the effective use of guest posts (on Fridays). Hill has been careful about selecting his guest post providers; they always provide relevant and original material, and enhance the blog’s value.

Also, one of his recent posts reveals the effective repurposing of materials published elsewhere, where he cited an article he had published in More From Less. Here, he discusses the importance of encouraging clients to plan ahead to avoid litigation and seek mediated rather than litigated solutions where possible.

The post that Buckshon is referring to of course, is Chris Hill’s post, Should Construction Lawyers Wish for Litigation?

You can vote for the best construction blog of 2014 at Construction Marketing Ideas until March 31st. The results will be published in April.

Source: Construction Marketing Ideas