The Scientific Method explained in one minute by noted bongo-aficionado Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman is someone that I only became aware of in the last decade or so. Since that discovery, I have become rather fascinated with the man. His insight into the Challenger space shuttle disaster featured prominently in a talk I gave on Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control.

By trade, Richard Feynman was a theoretical physicist. He wrestled with the big questions that continue to confound the human experience. He, like me, also had quite a thing for playing the latin percussion instrument known as the bongos.

But this isn’t about Bongos…

Science is a lot of things. It is an industry, it is a course of study and body of knowledge, and at one point, it was considered to be a part of philosophy. More than anything, though, science is a process. It is a method for understanding certain aspects of the world in which we live in.

Unfortunately, few people really understand what the scientific method really is. Fortunately, Feynman’s skills as a teacher really show in the following one minute video in which he lays out exactly what the scientific method is:

Via: Presentation Zen

Back to the Bongos…

In case you didn’t believe me about the bongos, below is a clip of Mr. Feynman playing bongos for your enjoyment:

Richard-Feynman_e 1 375