Now at Amazon: DIY Solar Power Kits (Wait, what?)

According to Dawn Killough at Green Building Elements, Andalay Solar is now offering DIY solar energy kits for sale on Amazon.

Andalay Solar offers grid-tied AC solar system kits either with 4 panels or with 1, making it quick and easy for go-getting DIYers to customize the size of their solar power system by simply purchasing then tying together the amount of kits necessary to fit their roofs. Furthermore, Andalay’s kits allow for DIYers to install a renewable energy system at a lower cost than a third-party installer.

A kit with four 250 watt panels sells for about $3,500 on Amazon. A single panel kit sells for $1,188. The kits are also eligible for a 30% federal tax credit, making getting into solar power even more affordable.

I’m not sure if this is a good idea, or a recipe for serious accidents. There is a reason that OSHA has been pushing for increased fall protection for workers that do work on steep-sloped roofing: IT’S DANGEROUS!

For DIY-ers, just getting onto and off of the roof safely is a challenge. To also be schlepping solar PV panels and related equipment is bound to result in some injuries.

Cue the revised homeowners insurance policy language…

Link: Amazon

Source: Green Building Elements