I’d walk a mile to have a Blue Bottle coffee (or more)

I’m in San Francisco for the PCBC 2014, a conference that focuses on the “Art, Science + Business of Housing.” A casual search revealed that there was a Blue Bottle Coffee nearby.

Good coffee is hard to come by, sometimes.

Right now, I'm sitting at the Mint Plaza location of Blue Bottle Coffee finishing off my excellent Bella Donovan drip coffee. I was the fourth person in the door, after waiting a few minutes for them to open. Now, there is a line wrapping halfway around the building of people waiting to get in.

There is no such line at the several Starbucks locations I passed on my way over.

According to the GPS, I am .9 miles from the apartment we AirBnB-ed for the week, and .7 miles from Moscone Center, where the convention takes place.

Is it worth it?