“Google+ is no ghost town. It is more of a social referral graveyard.”

Last week I was in San Francisco to attend the 2014 PCBC event for home builders. While walking to the Moscone Center from Blue Bottle Coffee, I saw that the line was wrapped around Moscone and was worried I would be waiting hours to get in.

Turns out, the line was actually for the Google I/O conference which was being held in Moscone West, which is a different building altogether from where PCBC was taking place. I didn’t have a chance to keep up with the announcement’s coming from Google’s event until after it was over, but apparently, I didn’t miss much.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the conference has to do with what wasn’t discussed, rather than what did get announced. The two Google properties conspicuously absent from I/O: Google Glass and Google Plus.

Martin Beck, writing at Marketing Land touches on Google Plus and its infamous status as a virtual ghost town:

As one Google+ commenter put it, “We seem to know that G+ is no ghost town. It is more of a social referral graveyard.”

It’s a bit of a puzzle, really. Why don’t more people click through from Google+ to publishers’ content? It’s an important question, one for which we don’t have a definitive answer.

Perhaps Google+ users are content with the content on the network and don’t see the need to exit. Perhaps it’s more of a platform for conversation than consumption of news and entertainment links. Perhaps there aren’t enough loyal Google+ users spending enough time on the network to move the needle.

Source: Marketing Land


Image courtesy Wikimedia