Los Angeles finally working at resolving conflicts between city building code and zoning codes

Tim Logan via the LA Times:

Los Angeles passed a law last year requiring bicycle racks within 50 feet of the front door of many new buildings. But a problem surfaced immediately: The federal Americans With Disabilities Act requires handicapped parking spaces with an easy path to the door clear of things like bikes.

The conflicting requirements — one in the city’s building code, the other in its zoning code — left developers in a quandary, said Craig Lawson, a land use consultant who’s seen several clients stumble on the rule. They could redesign the entryway of their building — no small task — or seek a variance to put the bike parking elsewhere, a costly process that can take months of hearings.

The City of Los Angeles zoning code is over 70 years old and will be completely revamped under a project by the city planning department known as re:code LA. The ambitious project is slated to be completed by 2017, but city officials warn that this will be no panacea. The planned effort is not an actual rezoning—zoning is still the jurisdiction of 35 individual community plans—but instead, “re:code LA is creating a new palette of zones that stakeholders will be able to choose from during the community planning process.”

Source: LA Times