Sony’s Smart Glasses so ridiculous it actually makes Google Glass look good

Last June, I was in San Francisco for PCBC 2014, a construction industry event held at Moscone Center every other year (this year we’ll be partying in San Diego). Also at Moscone at that same time, in a different set of buildings, was the Google I/O event.

Being that it is such a huge event for Google, it meant that the faithful were also gathered. Which meant lots of Glass-holes, or Google Glass Explorers as they are officially known.

Google Glass looks pretty bad, in my opinion, and suffers from a lot of usability issues. But its design is downright breathtaking when compared to Sony’s latest take on wearable technology: the laughable Smart Glasses.

Just so we are on the same page, here is their promo video:

Re/Code’s Eric Johnson had this to say:

I might argue that this is a better ad than anything aired during the Super Bowl, because I can’t stop watching it. Just for all the wrong reasons.

To be fair to Sony: Other current wearable tech looks pretty awful, too. I could not naturally place the word “stylish” anywhere close to the prototypes of Microsoft’s HoloLens or Facebook’s Oculus Rift. But unlike those and more like the notorious, now-shelved Google Glass, this promotional video suggests that SmartEyeglasses are supposed to be worn out and about in the world; the bar for “cool,” or at least “not totally repellent to fellow human beings,” then, gets much higher.

Johnson emailed the video to other Re/Code staffers and compiled some of their responses:

“Hello, I have no friends.” This is why Sony’s in financial trouble.

Why is everything so blurry from the viewpoint of the wearer? Do these “smart” glasses actually make your vision worse?

I don’t know what Apple pays Jony Ive, but this proves it’s not nearly enough.

Source: Re/Code

Thanks for making me laugh today, Sony!

Image of glasses that don’t look completely stupid courtesy Wikipedia