Nobody ever says, “I want to be a Philosopher when I grow up”

Over at Quartz, Olivia Goldhill is reporting on a major grant for some interesting philosophical research. Candace Vogler and Jennifer Frey are leading a multi-disciplinary study on the difficulty some people experience of “getting over themselves” on one level, but on another level, it seems the pair has received a grant to ultimately try to answer one of humanity’s greatest questions: What is the meaning of Life?

Of course, that question has already been answered. “The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything” is 42.

The importance of “getting over yourself”—or self-transcendence—is key to their major 28-month project on virtue, happiness, and the meaning of life. The research proposal received a $2.1-million grant from the John Templeton Foundation and unites a team of around 20 international scholars, working in philosophy, religion, and psychology…

This is where the idea of “getting over yourself” becomes worthy of serious philosophical contemplation. “If you really want to be participating fully in the kind of good there is for human beings in your life,” Vogler says, “you need to have a life that’s connected to something bigger and better than you are.”