Even the non-recalled Samsung Galaxy devices pose risk to life and limb

First Samsung was forced to issue a recall for all Galaxy Note 7 phones due to faulty batteries. Then the government issued warnings to the public telling anyone who would listen that they should not even turn their Galaxy Note 7 devices due to the life-safety risks posed.

But apparently the recall hasn’t gone far enough, as one unlucky construction worker from California discovered, according to Ars Technica:

On May 30, construction worker Daniel Ramirez was working at a site in Akron, Ohio, when he heard a strange noise coming from his pocket, which contained the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge he’d bought just two months earlier. “It was like a high-pitched whistling noise,” Ramirez’s attorney, Mike Morgan, said in an interview with Ars. “After that there was an explosion, like a loud bang.”

Ramirez tried to get the phone out of his pocket, but succeeded only in burning his fingertips. “It melted his clothes to his body, so he had to strip down,” Morgan said. “By that time, the damage had been done.”

Now, Ramirez has sued (PDF) Samsung in New Jersey, where the company’s North American branch is headquartered. The complaint, filed on September 8, includes photos of Ramirez’s husk of a phone, his charred pants, and gruesome pictures of the skin grafts and scars on his leg.

Me? I’ll stick with my iPhone.