Rats need pants, and other scientific research subjects of questionable worth

It is Awards season again—no, not the Emmy’s or even the Country Music Awards or whatever—I’m talking about the always entertaining Ig Nobel Prize ceremony held last night at Harvard.

Every year, for the pasts 26 years, researchers in unique and obscure niches are awarded prizes celebrating their scientific achievements. Just like the real Nobel Prize, winning an Ig Nobel means cash, and lots of it. $10-trillion in fact.

Too bad the money is minted in hyper-inflated Zimbabwe making it almost worthless…

Associated Press has more:

Ahmed Shafik decided rats needed pants.

He dressed his rodents in polyester, cotton, wool and polyester-cotton blend pants to determine the different textiles’ effects on sex drive. The professor at Cairo University in Egypt, who died in 2007, found that rats that wore polyester or polyester blend pants displayed less sexual activity, perhaps because of the electrostatic charges created by polyester. He suggested that the results could be applied to humans.

The study did not explain how he measured a rat’s waist and inseam.