New must-have accessory for your Galaxy Note 7: Flame-proof return box

This whole Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle would be really hilarious, if it didn’t represent a major risk to life and limb for consumers.

Adding insult to Samsung’s injury, and in an effort to prevent injury to both consumers and postal workers, Samsung took the unusual step of sending out flame-proof containers for people to return their devices as part of the recall. According to Ars Technica:

The kit contains a special “Recovery Box” that’s lined with ceramic fiber paper to provide some protection against incineration. Samsung warns that some people will have a bad reaction to this lining, so the recovery kit also includes some gloves to protect your hands. They don’t appear to be flame retardant, so if your Note 7 is currently ablaze, we’d suggest minimizing contact with it.

For a little background, after initial reports of spontaneous combustion of the flagship devices started popping up, Samsung started to replace devices. But then, the replacement devices began exploding and causing injuries themselves.

So on Monday, October 10th, Samsung took the embarrassing but responsible step of recalling ALL Galaxy Note 7 devices, ending production. The move will likely cost the company up to $9.5-billion in lost sales, eating up nearly $5.1-billion in lost profit.