A Dozen Time-Lapse Construction Videos for Friday from Skanska

Happy Friday, everyone! Every Friday I try to share a fun or interesting video to help kick off the weekend. But this Friday, we have not just one video, but an entire dozen videos.

Earlier this week, the fine folks at Skanska shared their favorite construction time-lapse videos with the following introduction:

Today, we’re taking a step back (and up) to offer a unique perspective on some of our most complex projects. Building anything new often takes several years, but nothing accelerates the construction process like a time-lapse video to transform a project before your eyes. The videos below highlight the conversion of an empty space or hole in the ground into something meaningful and impressive.

Prior to each video, Skanska offers a brief description of each project’s unique characteristics and challenges, so you’ll definitely want to check out their blog post for more info. But without further ado, here are the videos: