View from the Top: West Coast’s tallest building(*) makes its mark on the San Francisco skyline

With 1.4-million square feet of habitable space, spread out among 61 floors, the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco is projected to be the tallest building “West of the Mississippi” topping out at 1,070 feet above ground.

(It should be noted that while the top of the spire at the Wilshire Grand in LA will reach 1,099 feet, Salesforce will still have the highest occupied floor at 970 feet. Until, of course, some third building is erected to surpass both of the former…)

Scheduled to top out next month, Douglas Zimmerman of the SF Chronicle got a chance to ride the lift up to Floor 62 (mechanical) to shoot some pictures and interview the construction management team. Here are some fun facts he uncovered:

Excavation on the Salesforce Tower started in 2014, which included drilling down and filling 42 load-bearing elements with concrete and rebar that were all sunk 40 feet into the bedrock below the tower.

The load bearing elements connect to the 14-foot thick concrete and rebar mat foundation that supports the tower. Workers completed the mat on Nov. 8, 2015. The core wall was built up around the clock with the topping occurring on Nov. 15, 2016. The core of the structure is 4 feet thick at ground level and tapers off in dimension as the building rises. Four banks of elevators are inside the core. After the 50th floor, the core size reduces in half because of the end of the low and low-mid elevators…

The floor slabs to ceiling are 14 feet 9 inches apart, and each floor has 13 feet 9 inches of clear space and 10 feet windows. About half of the 500,000 sq ft of the window exterior, which is known as a curtain wall, has been installed to date.

Salesforce’s own Marissa Kraines shared a video last Friday from her visit to the project: