University of Toronto experiences major Asbestos leak during renovation, fires longtime contractor

University of Toronto’s 50-year-old Medical Sciences Building was undergoing major renovation when multiple leaks of asbestos fibers were discovered.

According to the CBC:

The vice president of university operations, Scott Mabury, told CBC Toronto the contractor, which he refused to name, is no longer continuing its asbestos removal work in the 50-year-old building and will not be given any further contracts on the St. George campus.

“We have zero tolerance. And this is a contractor who’s worked on this campus for a long time, multiple years — never had an issue before. We’ve never had a breach like this. In the last 10 years that I was able to look, we’ve never had a problem like this,” said Mabury, who is also a professor of environmental chemistry.

“So we needed to send a strong message.”