Large installation art piece imagines a facade of bricks torn in two

Deezeen recently featured a profile of a recent art installation by British artist Alex Chinneck titled Six Pins and a Half Dozen Needles.

Chinneck’s piece is located at a mixed-use development in Hammersmith called Assembly London. In essence, it appears as if an entire section of brick cladding has been ripped in two — much as if one tears a piece of paper in two. Here’s a picture, courtesy of Deezeen:


According to the article:

The artist collaborated with a diverse team over the course of 14 months to complete the piece, working with structural engineers, brick makers, water cutters, steel fabricators, site welders, crane operators and tilers.

The sculpture is placed on a steel framework that’s bolted and welded to the building, and its rip is made from 1,000 separate stainless steel components and hundreds of unique bricks – each individually cut by hand and water.