Legal Update: New Construction Laws for 2018

Every year, California ups the ante for the shear volume of legislation passed. New laws going into effect in 2018 number in the hundreds.

Over at the Xpera blog, I put together a brief article highlighting a dozen of the more interesting laws that impact the built environment in the Golden State. Here are some excerpts:

AB 1701—A lot has been written about this bill already, and for good reason. According to Construction Dive, AB 1701 makes “general contractors, referred to in the bill as direct contractors, responsible for any employee wage or benefit payments their subcontractors fail to make under contracts entered into after the regulation’s effective date.”

AB 1278—Modifies the Business & Professions Code, which prohibits the qualifying licensee for a contractor from serving as a qualifying person for another entity in the event of an unsatisfied judgment.
AB 1379—Modifies provisions of the state’s Certified Access Specialist (CASp) program for evaluating compliance with accessibility requirements.

[Via: Xpera Group]

Image courtesy Wikimedia