CA Balcony Inspection legislation moving forward despite pushback

I posted an update over at the Xpera blog on the proposed legislation that would require inspection of balconies and other elevated exterior elements:

California Senate Bill 721, which would mandate the inspection of elevated exterior elements (EEEs) for all multi-family projects with at least three units, is moving forward.

The bill was introduced in response to the tragic loss of several young lives following the collapse of a balcony at an apartment building in Berkeley, California on June 26, 2015. Despite the obvious risk, numerous property owners — and their lobbyists — have waged quite a battle to shoot down this legislation. The primary concern: concealed wood framing elements would likely require the removal and then replacement of certain portions of exterior cladding to facilitate inspection of those concealed framing members. The cost could easily be several thousand dollars per inspection location.

Stay tuned for more news as this law makes its way through the state’s legislative bodies.

Image courtesy CBS News