Presentation design and the intersection between consultant and data analyst

Nancy Duarte is truly one of the great all-time thinkers and strategists when it comes to presenting visual information.

How influential is Nancy’s work?

Ever heard of An Inconvenient Truth?

When I saw that Michael Zipursky of Consulting Success interviewed Nancy for his podcast, I had to tune in. Here’s an excerpt:

Sometimes, there’s a gap between a consultant and a data analyst. You could say that the consultant forms a point of view about the data and forming a point of view is important. When you frame the point of view as a big idea, there are two components to it. There is, what is your point of view about the data and what’s at stake if we do or do not do something about it? It’s not digging through the data for the data’s sake. When you dig through data, one of two things happens. It’s pretty binary. I would love someone to challenge me because I would love to know if there are more things.

If you dig into the data, one of two things happens, you find a problem or you find an opportunity. That’s it. When you have a problem, an opportunity, you have a communication problem at that point because you need to try to convince people, “I found this opportunity. We need to do something about it. I found this problem. We need to get people to do something about it.” That’s why it’s a lot about using data to find it and what do you do to take action? There were a couple of things I did in there that I loved.

Listen to the whole interview here:

Pro Tip: Check out Nancy’s Slidedocs. It seriously changed my worldview.