Self-care and stress management are essential to successfully and sustainably delivering professional services

Megan Zavieh writing for

Self-care and stress management are critical to the success of your law practice. They are as important as your email app or calendaring tool. Without you functioning at your best, deadlines will pile up, mistakes will happen, and there may be severe consequences for them. So take a day. Have an adventure.

And spread the word. Let’s make it a movement.

This is so true. And necessary. Got a few more major hurdles to get through over the next few weeks, and then I’m due for some time off.

The term I’m trying to embrace more and more is “work-life integration,” rather than the old “work-life balance” song and dance. When work and life occur within the same physical space, effort is required to create separation, and honestly, is the effort worth it?

Maybe learning how to shift seamlessly between “work” and “non-work” modes is better.