About Brian L. Hill

My name is Brian L. Hill. As Director of Consulting Services at Xpera Group, I work with the industry’s leading experts to solve complex building performance issues.

(Please note: The views expressed here on this site are mine, and mine alone, and do not reflect the opinions of my employer, Xpera Group.)

Brian L. HillFor more than 25 years I have worked primarily with small and solo professional service firms in many different industries. My career began as a professional jazz musician playing saxophone and the occasional bongo or cowbell. Due to the entrepreneurial influence of my family, I realized that to be successful, being the best wouldn’t matter. (There are a lot of really talented homeless musicians.)

In order to succeed as a professional musician and not have to compromise myself, I decided to learn every aspect of the business inside and out. And it worked. Unfortunately, I also realized that there wasn’t much of a sustainable business model in psychedelic free jazz.

Since then, I have worked in just about every industry you can imagine. I’ve performed janitorial services in a mortuary, built and launched a restaurant, attempted to sell time-shares by phone, designed and built websites, processed bankruptcies and divorces, helped a Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company spend $500,000,000 on a research lab, marketed software to software companies, and pursued perfection in the art of espresso.

Most of my work over the past two decades however, has been working in the construction industry evaluating quality, researching and solving complex technical issues, and assisting with the resolution of hundreds of construction disputes.

After running my own successful consulting firm, in 2014 I joined Xpera Group and for 2–1/2 years I served in a unique dual role as Director of Marketing & Technology. After rebuilding the company’s entire marketing and I.T. infrastructure, and winning multiple honors for our accomplishments, I’m now back to working directly with clients to solve complex building performance issues. Currently my role is Director of Construction Consulting & Real Estate Advisory Services, and I couldn’t be prouder of the accomplishments of my enviable team of some of the leading experts in the architecture, engineering and construction industry.

I have always been passionate about writing and sharing information with others. Which is why this blog exists in the first place. I write about the topics and concepts that interest me and share links to the content that inspires me.

Although I can’t give you any guarantees, I try to update content here often. Real-time updates are available, if you are so inclined, distributed via my Twitter feed @AECforensics, and through my LinkedIn profile.

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