Material Intelligence is a one-week intensive design and prototyping workshop to be held in New York City during the week of August 16-20.

Over the course of five days participants will examine the cultural as well as technological domains of associative practices within architecture and its related fields. Participants will develop projects through iterative workflows with an emphasis placed on material prototyping as a vehicle for design innovation. The workshop will be conducted in a fast-paced and hands-on studio environment where participants will have access to digital fabrication equipment including an industrial CNC 3-axis Mill and CNC High-Force Cutter.

The format of the workshop includes daily instructional, design, and fabrication sessions in addition to lunch time and evening lectures by leading practitioners in the field. The primary CAD platform will be Grasshopper for Rhino3D, supported by a suite of associated programs including RhinoCam, RhinoNest, and Brazil Render. The workshop will culminate in a public exhibition and opening reception on the evening of Saturday, August 21.

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There are many ways to capture an existing building: The tried and tested tape measure and notebook, a ?Disto?, a ?total station? or even a 3D laser scanner.
The method of measurement may vary but the end result of the traditional method has been dumb data or 2D plans which have to be redrawn in a Computer Aided Design system. OrthoGraph aims to change that. The software is a suite of Windows PDA-based building survey tools, which enable the on-site creation of accurate floor plans and 3D BIM models.

The Ipaq and Leica Disto made a great combination with OrthoGraph Survey to create CAD ready drawings, ready for sharing.

The OrthoGraph base platform runs on a Windows mobile device with a PC, in our test case it was a HP iPAQ and works with stylus input, or in tandem with laser Leica Distos (via a wireless Bluetooth connection), to capture accurate measurements. Using the stylus to sketch and laser accurately the mobile surveyor can generate the CAD floor plan at the same time as walking through the building.

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